Our Vines

Rooted in Quality.

We meticulously cultivate nearly all our plants from cuttings to fully mature vines, a practice that sets us apart from many other wineries. This approach allows us to carefully select cuttings from robust, healthy vines that have acclimated to the Okanagan climate, ensuring the quality of our plants from their earliest stages of growth. As a result, we possess a profound understanding and connection to our vines, some of which were established decades ago.. Observing every stage of their development has granted us intimate knowledge of how each plant thrives and adjusts within our vineyard.

Nestled in the rocky, calcareous soils of our estate vineyard lies the secret to our thriving grapes, a unique feature of the Black Sage Bench. These soils bear a striking resemblance to those found in Burgundy, France, renowned for its Pinot Noir. Despite the challenges they pose to farming, these stones play a crucial role in shaping the character of our vineyards and the quality of our wines. These stones serve as nature’s heat reservoirs, absorbing warmth throughout the day and gently releasing it to the vines during the cool nights, This thermal regulation is particularly vital during the autumn months in our desert climate, characterized by warm days and chilly nights.